En Garde update v1.06

Sunday, October 7, 2007

A new version 1.06 of En Garde is available.

This version updates everything: It includes a new game, new HUD (inside the game), new remote and new scoreboard.

To update your En Garde:

  • Put on your En Garde Remote

  • Do "/8 deliver game"

  • "/8 deliver scoreboard"

  • "/8 deliver remote"

  • Do "/8 derez" to delete your existing game

  • Delete any score boards you have rezzed.

  • Take off your old remote and delete it. Also delete any old copies of the En Garde and HUD you have in your inventory.

  • Rez your new 1.06 game and new scoreboard.

That's all! Usually an update won't include all the pieces like
this, but this update covers a lot of territory.

What's new:

  • The new HUD tries to fix a problem where sometimes attacks turned into advances, putting both players in the same space. If you try to use an old HUD with this game, it will warn you (but still allow you to play)

  • The new remote uses a new method to send deliveries which should be more reliable (I'm getting rid of XMLRPC in my network vendor system)

  • The scoreboard will now update its scores once an hour, even if no games have been played, so you'll see the current World Champion status.


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