Can't Stop v1.03 Update

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I've released version 1.03 of Can't Stop. It's free to all registered owners. Here are the release notes:

  • FIXED If the current player leaves the game for any reason, the game will skip to the next player (so the game doesn't hang).
  • NEW There is a Help Card included in the box, which has some simplified rules to get new players started. You won't get the help card if you upgrade your game. If you want the new card you'll have to get a whole new box, by touching the Can't Stop vendor.
  • NEW There is a new audio and visual indicator on your HUD when it's your turn.
  • FIXED The yellow and orange playing pieces are easier to tell apart
  • NEW All scripts have been recompiled into Mono
  • FIXED The camera view when you sit down has been pulled back a bit
  • NEW There is a Get HUD button directly on the table, so you don't have to go through the Help menu to get a new HUD
  • FIXED The game would malfunction if you rotated it after rezzing.
  • NEW The game tells you your world ranking when you sit down.
Game owners can upgrade by ordering a new copy through their remote control ("/8 deliver game") or by visiting Procyon Games and touching the Can't Stop vendor there.

New Take it Easy Solo Challenge v2.14

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Someone found an exploit in the Take it Easy Solo Challenge.

For those of you not familiar with the game, Take it Easy comes in three flavors. All versions of the game have the players placing tiles on a hex game board, trying to align colors along three separate axes. The Solo Challenge version features a progressive jackpot. You get the same tiles each time you play, but every play costs you $50. The money all goes to a networked jackpot, and the person who first finds the best arrangement of tiles wins the jackpot.

Anyone can pick up a Solo version at my store for $10. Rez it on your land and let people play. If someone wins the jackpot while using your machine, you get a cut.

If you had a Solo Challenge rezzed on your land, you may notice that it has disappeared. Because of the exploit I've had to do an emergency update. Please come to my store to pick up a new, updated version (or just ask me and I'll give you one).

Golden Frootcake Competition

Do you think you're the best Frootcake player in the world?

The Frootcake Diner has been accepted into the Winterfest celebration. And we're having a contest to compete for the Golden Frootcake award. The contest is simple. It works like an ordinary Frootcake tournament. All during Winterfest, you can play as many games as you want at the Frootcake Diner. Every game you play will add points to your tournament score. The top scorers are displayed on the leader board at the diner. After Winterfest is over, the top 5 players will compete in one more game for the Golden Frootcake!

Frootcake v1.14 Update

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Special thanks to Valentine Janus who found a critical bug in Frootcake that affected everyone except me, and NonSmokerGirl Tulip who helped test the fix. Frootcake 1.13 had a very serious bug that would cause the game to stop spitting out cakes in the middle of a game, and generate script errors for every game after that. All owners should upgrade to 1.14, via the usual methods (you can get a new game with your remote or through a vendor).

Free Holiday Gift

Sunday, December 7, 2008

For a limited time, Procyon Games is offering this Puzzle Box as a free gift for the holidays.

Simply touch the rods to make them raise and lower. The object is to get all the rods to their top position.

It starts out simple, but gets progressively harder. There are seven levels of difficulty. Can you work through them all?

The box is available on the Freebies table at Procyon Games. While you're there, be sure to check out the new expansion I've done to the workshop. There's now a Gift Certificate vendor, and a video theater where you can watch all the Procyon Games videos.

Frootcake v1.13 Update

Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's that time of year again... time for family gatherings, gifts -- and Frootcake! I've released version 1.13 of the game which fixes some bugs and adds a couple new features:

  • [Commercial License Only] The payment system has been updated to work more like the other Procyon games. You can toggle Free Play mode off and on, independently of what you have your Min Bet set to. The game will rez in Free Play mode, and will not ask you for Debit Permission until you turn off Free Play. The option to toggle free play is in the menu that pops down when you touch the game.
  • [Commercial License Only] When the game is in Free Play mode it is impossible to pay money into it.
  • The HUD does not spam new players with the release notes when they wear it
  • There is a new darker background on the HUD display to help you read the numbers there. (Players will have to get a new HUD from the game of course)
  • I've made a new Help Texture which emphasizes the HUDs and combines the 3 old screens into one. You can rez the included prim, or apply the texture to any of your own items.
  • Touching the jukebox doesn't pop down the menu any more.
  • The cakes now glow to indicate when they will stack.
  • The scoreboard has been redone to drastically reduce the number of prims (now 23 prims instead of 63)
I recommend all existing owners upgrade by getting a complete new box. You can pick up your new Frootcake by touching the vendor at Procyon Games.