En Garde update v1.07

Friday, October 19, 2007

A new version 1.07 of En Garde is available.

This version has two minor bug fixes, and one new feature.

To update your En Garde, just use your remote to deliver it and replace your old unit: - Put on your En Garde Remote - Say "/8 derez" - Say "/8 deliver game" - Rez your new 1.07 En Garde

What's new:

  • If a player clicked very quickly at the end of the game, they could sometimes get an extra attack in. Some players think that the "last-second attack" means you have to do it real fast when the cards run out. That's not true. En Garde is completely turn based and there's no "click fast" element. To do a last-second attack, you just need to have the right card(s) in your hand at the end of the round. Anyway, clicking fast will have no effect now.

  • The start player didn't change properly after an advance-lunge touch. The player who lost the previous point should always start the next round. In the case of a point scored off an advance-lunge, that wasn't happening. It is difficult, though not impossible, to score a touch directly off an advance-lunge (your opponent must have no cards that can be used to parry or retreat). Fixed.

  • You can now customize the appearance of your game. Create a texture and name it "tile". Click your game, select "Set Texture", and control- drag your custom tile texture onto the center square of the track. You can also change the appearance of the cards in the hud, by doing the same with a texture called "card". The card texture must have images for all 5 cards: two across, three down (the lower-right corner can be blank). I can give you a template to show you how it's done if you want.


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