En Garde update v1.08

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A new version 1.08 of En Garde is available.

I'm sorry to push out two updates in two days, but 1.07 introduced a new bug that needed to be fixed fast.

To update your En Garde, just use your remote to deliver it and replace your old unit:

  • Put on your En Garde Remote
  • Say "/8 derez"
  • Say "/8 deliver game"
  • Rez your new 1.08 En Garde

What's new:

  • A new bug was introduced where the game could hang if a player did an advance-lunge as the last move of the round.

  • I've included the video tutorial in the package. You can get it by picking up a whole new box (just click any En Garde vendor), or get a new remote ("/8 deliver remote") and then use the new remote to get the video player ("/8 deliver video"). I may have to take the video down some time in the future, if bandwidth becomes too much.


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