Network problems

Friday, October 24, 2008

There seems to be something very wrong with Linden Lab's network right now. Around 3:00PM PST today, calls from scripted objects via llHTTPRequest started silently failing some of the time. This means that En Garde scoreboards won't update, games won't get recorded, and in general things are a mess.

I've called support and filed a ticket and they say they have an engineer looking at it right now. The problem is easily reproducible. I'll file an update when I know more.

[UPDATE 7pm]: We have narrowed the problem down to DNS, which seems to be broken at Linden Lab. They are looking into it.

[UPDATE 7am Saturday]: Linden Lab claimed they fixed the problem, but it's still there.

[UPDATE 1:30pm Saturday]: Still no further response from the Lindens. This bug is responsible for games not registering, score boards not updating, and remote controls not functioning. It also causes some of my vendors not to deliver products.

I've added a Jira issue for this. If you own one of my products and are affected by this bug, please go to JIRA SVC-3318 and vote for the issue. (You will have to log in using your Second Life name and password; then a Vote link will appear in the left column)

[UPDATE 3PM Sunday]: I have no new word from the Lindens, but my tests seem to show that the problem has gone away. If you are still seeing this problem please let me know

Name troubles

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Linden Lab has done something today that killed the bot I use to upload name textures. So all my pretty scoreboards that show players' names in nice fonts in just one prim won't show any new player names. If you're already "in the system" your name will still be there ok. New players, however, will just show up blank until I can figure out how to fix this.

There is also a problem with Local Scores -- if a new player is on there, it kills the whole display (since they don't have a texture to show). I can maybe fix that so they're just blank and it doesn't kill the whole score display. Not sure how long that will take either.

[Update 10:58] I've fixed the bug so that blank names won't kill your Local Scores. No new players will show up in any scoreboard, though. Still working on that.

[Update Oct 3] It seems Linden Lab re-enabled bots, so I've turned the name upload back on. There are some new players who didn't get a name during this period. If your name isn't showing up, IM me and I can reset you.

[Update Oct 4] I spoke too soon. I'll work on this some more this weekend and see if I can get it going again. Hey Linden Lab, when can we get HTML on a Prim, hmm?

[Update Oct 5] Okay, giving this another try. Let me know if it's working... or not.