System downtime Saturday Jan 31

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I need to take the Procyon Games website down this Saturday for some back-end maintenance. If all goes well it should only be down for 15-30 minutes, starting at 8AM PST. During that time, no game plays will be recorded. That means that any game you play while the site is down will not count for World Ranking or any local tournaments you are playing in. I will update this posting right before I take the site down, and again when it's back up.

[UPDATE 7:15AM] I'm starting a little early. The server is now down. All games should continue to function normally, except scores during this downtime will not be recorded.

[UPDATE 8:00AM] And we're back! Everything seemed to go smoothy. There may be a couple hiccoughs today but I don't think you'll notice.

Personalized Play History

Sunday, January 25, 2009

This is something that a lot of folks have been asking for.

You can now link your Second Life avatar with the Play Procyon web site. What that means is that you can go to the Registered Players section of the web site and see your personal play history. Right now, to start, the first thing I added was En Garde games. So you can see every game you've played in the past two weeks, who you played, where you played them, and what your scores were.

In the future I'll be adding more games, and maybe more options too, like a versus feature that shows you how you're doing against specific players. Game owners, too, will have their own section that will let them manage their teams and see how their game units are being used.

Registration is very simple. All you have to do is visit the Registration Kiosk at Procyon Games and click it. Then follow the link to the Procyon Games website. It sets a cookie in your browser -- you don't have to sign up, give me an email address, or even think up a password.

Seven Days of Frootcake

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nonsmokergirl Tulip is running another Frootcake tournament. If you think you're good enough to win money at the game, here is the place. The tournament runs for seven days until Wednesday the 29th. You have to play at the table in North Norway, but every game adds to your score and the top three scores at the end of the week win prizes (in addition to what you win for each game) — First place is 1000 L$, second place is 750, and third place is 500. Remember you can check the Frootcake main page to see who has been playing lately, and you can also join the Frootcake Players group to look for players.

In-world issues

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Second Life has been up and down, pretty much all day today. It's frustrating for me, it's frustrating for my customers, and pretty much everyone who wants to use Second Life.

I remember when Philip Linden, back when he was CEO, made a big deal out of his promise to bring stability to the grid. And when Mark Kingdon came on, he made the same vow. I don't think they've made any progress, stability-wise, in the past year at all. I mean, look at the log. It's ridiculous. They keep taking the system up and down, up and down. It makes me believe that they don't really know why the system is so unstable. If they knew, they wouldn't keep bringing it back up, would they?

Linden Lab points to the increase in concurrency as a rebuttal. I say that's beside the point. So what if more people can connect to the grid, if it still provides the same inferior service to all of them? "Yeah," they seem to be saying, "we're flinging crap at everyone, but these days we can cover ten times as many people in crap as we could before!"

As a content creator, I find these continuing outages especially distressing. Imagine if you ran a store in a mall (a real-life mall), and the mall operator randomly shut off the electricity several times a day. Not only that, but also locked the doors so none of your customers couldn't get in to your store. Now imagine that the mall operator does all that, but not just at random, but instead watches your store to see when it's busiest, and then shuts you down. Because that's what's happening. Second Life shuts down during its peak hours. The times where there's the most customers in the grid, the most people willing to spend money and by my products. The worst time for them not to be able to see and play and buy my games.


Some new tweaks on the web site

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I've done some minor tweaking on the web site. The main change is I've added a list of recent blog entries in the sidebar, so you can see all the latest news from every page of the site. And I made some spiffy "Buy my games" buttons. I think I've got all the bugs worked out, but if you get any errors or broken links please let me know.

Frootcake Recent Games

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And now we have the recent games listing added to the Frootcake page. I'm on a roll!

En Garde Recent Games

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I've added a recent games display to the En Garde page at Procyon Games. My hope is that if you're looking for someone to play, or just interested to see who's been winning lately, you can use it to meet new players and find out more about the En Garde community.

You can see it here: En Garde

New Frootcake v1.15

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Have you noticed how vicious those tinies can be?

You know who I'm talking about. They're those little tiny avatars, no more than a couple feet tall. Oh sure, they look cute and all, but take it from me, you don't ever want to get on their bad side!

The Tinies have gotten into Frootcake, but there's a small (heh) problem. When they try to sit at the game, it positions them below the table. This is a common problem for tinies. Most sit animations are made for regular-sized avatars, and so when tinies try to use chairs and such it doesn't work so well for them.

This didn't interfere with them playing the game, mind you. It just looked a little weird.

So I got some requests that I add a feature to Frootcake to accomodate the tinies. And I added it to my to-do list, planning to get to it eventually.

Then I got some more requests, and more, and more. Those tinies really pile it on! And they never give up.

Faced with their unrelenting attacks, I was forced to cencede. So I've released a new version of Frootcake. When you sit down, you can toggle "tiny mode" on and off by hitting the up arrow key. If you're a Tiny, then tiny mode will seat you properly. If you're not a tiny, it will scrunch you up and make you look weird. Toggle it off.

I've also recompiled all the scripts into Mono for greater speed.

Merrily Lightfoot wins the Golden Frootcake

Congratulations to Merrily Lightfoot, who is the Golden Frootcake Champion of 2008!

Merrily found the game during Winterfest, but she took to it with a passion. I had to remind her to take breaks to eat and sleep in between games—and I wasn't kidding! Merrily was the top qualifier for the Final Round, and she got there by playing nonstop for two weeks.

The final battle was played in three games, with the Golden Frootcake to be awarded to the player with the highest total score at the end. It was a close match, with less than 100 points separating the top three players. But Merrily pulled it off in the end.

You can see the Global Frootcake Rankings on the Procyon Games website. In addition to the Golden Frootcake trophy, Merrily will have her name displayed there for all to see. Once again, congratulations, Merrily!

Golden Frootcake Finals this Saturday

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The quest for the Golden Frootcake ends this weekend. Come to the Frootcake Diner Saturday 2PM Pacific to witness five people pass cakes until they pass out! Okay, it won't last that long. Just three games. The winner will earn a Golden Frootcake trophy, and a spot on the Procyon Games website.

Come cheer on your favorites! Plus, I'll be spinning tunes live on the air! It's Frootcake fun for the whole family.

Congratulations to the Golden Frootcake Finalists!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Winter Faire is over, and the Golden Frootcake qualifying round is complete. Congratualtions to the five finalists who played hour after hour of Frootcake to get their names to the top of the chart:

  • Merrily Lightfoot
  • Chellee Yue
  • Vaj Vultee
  • Gai Thor
  • Sidney Fredriksson

and the five alternates (who will compete if one of the finalists can't make it):
  • Talesain Caerndow
  • Skyy Jayaram
  • Isis Sinatra
  • Annabelle Edgeworth
  • Mairead Montgomery

The final event, where the Golden Frootcake will be awarded, will be held sometime next week (I need to coordinate a time for all the finalists to make it). I'll post again when the details are complete.

Roll them bones!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Do you need a little more randomness in your life? How about a pair of dice?

These red lovelies are my freebie for January. They're based on the dice from my latest release Can't Stop (actually, the Can't Stop dice were based off of these. It was the first part of the game that I made).

Rez them, click them, watch them tumble. Guaranteed to give you a pseudo-random result between 2 and 12.

You can pick up your own copy at the Freebies table at Procyon Games.