Play Frootcake, win L$100,000

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

For the next few weeks, you have a chance to win L$100,000, just by playing one game of Frootcake!

Here's how it works. Right now, Linden Lab is running a contest to promote the Destination Guide, aka "Showcase." It's a list of nice places to visit in Second Life. The Frootcake Diner is one of those locations. You can visit it here, in the Sports/Games section.

Between now and June 2, one person who visits a Destination Guide location will win L$50,000 from Linden Lab. But if that person has played a game of Frootcake at the Frootcake Diner in the past month, Procyon Games will double your prize, for a total of L$100,000!

Here are the complete rules from Linden Lab. To play Frootcake, go to the Sports & Games section of the Destination Guide, and click "Visit This Location" next to the description of the Frootcake Diner. Play at least one game there (on any table), and it will be logged. If the Lindens pick you as their winner, you'll get double the prize!