Saturday, October 6, 2007

I'm finally moved out of La Musique.

The main Procyon store has been situated in Musique's sim for several months now, while I looked at my options after the Arcadia land went away. I finally decided to buy the mainland sim Malrif, and set up shop there. Danger Zone, Frootcake, and En Garde have all been there for some time, but I haven't moved the main store until now.

Now I just have to update all my vendors and landmarks.

I'm also doing a lot of back-end work that won't really be visible to most people. Having to do with replacing the XML-RPC code which never really worked very well. All part of the joy of SL scripting.


Now that you have moved out, I've finally had a chance to terraform. Seems you left something behind - your secret stash of mega prims! AH HA! I know how much you LOVE *coughs* those. The truth is finally revealed! :::runs for the hills:::

On a serious note, was wonderful having you on La Musique while you searched for your own sim, Malrif. The pitter patter of your little paws will be sorely missed.

You will always have a place to call home (and eat acorns) on La Musique.

~Musique Gable

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October 16, 2007 at 4:18 PM  

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