Take it Easy Challenge Available now

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Take it Easy Solo Challenge is now available for purchase. Your Challenge unit will be automatically networked with every other unit on the grid. Anyone can match wits to try and find the best arrangement of tiles on the board. Whenever you play, you're playing against everyone else in Second Life!

It costs L$50 to play, and the money is all collected into one global jackpot. When the Challenge ends, whoever has the high score wins the pot.

Here's the best news: If someone wins the Jackpot and they played on your machine, you get a 10% commission. So if someone wins $500 at your place, you get $50. Sweet! Just rez it, leave it alone, and it will make money for you.

I'm selling the Challenge units for just L$10. Heck, I'm practically giving them away! Pick up one for your place today!


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