En Garde update v1.12

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

En Garde 1.12 is now available!

This version fixes two bugs which affect game play. All you need is a new game unit, which comes with new HUDs. You must use the new HUDs with the new game.

Release Notes:

There is a new HUD accompanying this game, and players must upgrade to the new HUD to play.

FIXED: Timer race condition. If timers were enabled, and a player executed an action right as time expired, sometimes both the action and the "time expired" happened. This could result in the player moving at the start of the next round, or even an extra point awarded at the end of the game.

FIXED: Last card drawn and Last-Second Attacks. When calculating which cards to use for the Last-Second Attack at the end of the round, the game did not take into account the last card that you drew from the deck to replenish your hand. This is fixed, so it is possible to draw the card you need to make your LSA. Note, this is the way the game was "supposed" to work, the previous behavior was a bug.


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