Rolling Restarts and other problems

Saturday, February 2, 2008

I've been getting reports that some people's En Guard games have started to malfunction. I think this is due to the recent rolling restart. On Thursday the lab tried one restart, and aborted it, and then on Friday they did another. This seems to have glitched a lot of scripted objects.

The good news is, this is exactly why I designed my licensing system. Just delete your glitched game and rez a new copy.

Havok4 Fix is Coming
Both of the bugs that are seen on the Havok4 servers (sit bug, scoreboard bug) are now marked as "Fix Pending," which means a Linden thinks he's fixed it, and they're just waiting for the next rollout to install the fixed code on the grid. Actually, Simon Linden says it will take two pushes, so it will be in the release after the next. But that's some good news for customers who are stuck on Havok4-enabled regions.


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