New En Garde v1.10

Sunday, February 24, 2008

En Garde 1.10 is now available!

This is a big release with lots of new features. The main game board, scoreboard, and remote have all been updated. To upgrade, I recommend that you simply come to my shop and click on the En Garde vendor there. It will give you a new Box with everything in it.

Release Notes:

There is a new HUD accompanying this game, and players must upgrade to the new HUD to play.

NEW! Chat ON/OFF: To cut down on chat spam, you can turn off most of the game chat. In the blue popdown that appears when you click on the game, you can click "Chat OFF". Only owners and game hosts can do this.

NEW! Last move in HUD: Your opponent's last move is displayed for you in your game HUD.

NEW! Spectator HUDs: If you're wearing your HUD, you'll see the last move of any game you're standing near. With the Chat off, this makes it much easier for people to follow the game.

NEW! Time Limit: You can set a time limit per round. Time limit can be set to short (60 seconds), medium (90 sec), long (120 sec), or off. Only hosts and owners can change the time limit. Time remaining is shown as a colored bar in your HUD. If time runs out, you lose the point.

Setting the time to its fastest setting changes the feel of the game without changing any of the mechanics. It becomes a brisk, fast-paced game that forces you to think quickly. On the slowest setting, you have plenty of time to think about each move, but the game still moves along.

The timer resets at the start of each round, not each move. So if you want to spend a lot of time thinking about one move, you can, if you move quickly for the rest of the round.

FIXED: Re-attached HUDs: If you tried to put your HUD on after the game had started, it wouldn't work (displayed bad cards). This works now; in fact, you can take off and reattach your HUD at any time during the game. You can even replace your HUD mid-game and it will pick up right where you left off.

NEW! Last-second attack display. The game now pauses at the end of the round, right before the last-second attack, and the cards used in the attack are hilighted for both players.

FIXED: Two-Pair Bug: If you had two pair in your hand that were the right combo for an advance-lunge, and you selected them 1-2-1-2, you could play them all and confuse the game.

FIXED: Advance-lunge turn: It was possible to play quickly and take an extra action after doing an advance-lunge.

NEW! Team Roster: Your remote has a new command, "/8 team" that gives you the names of all the members of your team.

FIXED: Team Scoreboard: The scoreboard would give a spurious error when you set your team name.

FIXED: World Ranking: The game will now tell you your current World Rank and score when you step on the game. You no longer have to be in the Top 8 to see how well you're doing!



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