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Friday, November 23, 2007

Team scoring is finally here!

The new release of En Garde, version 1.08, has everything you need to play with team scoring. Since so much has changed, I recommend that current owners replace everything by getting a whole new box:

  • Visit the En Garde Areana and click the vendor there. It will give you a whole new setup.

  • Derez your old game "/8 derez" and put the new one in its place

  • Delete your old remote, and take the new one

  • Delete your old scoreboards, and replace them with new ones

The game also requires new HUDs, which are included in the game itself. Delete your old HUDs and get new ones from the game.

How Team Scoring Works

Everyone who owns an En Garde game can make a team. To name your team, touch your own game and then click "Name Team." You can call your team whatever you want, but names that are offensive, deceptive, or antagonistic will be deleted. (Repeated violations are a license offense). By default your team name is "Team" and your first name.

If someone wants to join your team, they can touch your game, then click "Join Team." You can only be a member of one team; if you're already on a team you will leave that team to join the new one. I've also included in the box a signup prim you can use. You can also copy the script out of that prim. People can then click whatever object you drop it in to sign up on your team.

Team owners don't have to be on their own team, and by default they're on no team at all, just like everyone else (so you have to sign up for your own team).

The team score is just the sum of the scores of all its members. The new scoreboard has a "Team" mode which shows team rankings, and the "Cycle" mode will show it as well.

It's my hope that the new scoring will promote the game. It's been a big change, and I want to let things settle for a week or two. Then we'll see how it's working, and maybe make adjustments. If you have comments about the new scoring system, the best place as always is to comment here on my blog.

Bug Fixes in this version

  • Players can no longer play 4x attacks.

  • Selecting cards when it's not your turn is no longer possible (it could get confused and move you random amounts)

  • The 'touch' code has been reworked to try and prevent situations where the HUD would lock up

  • The center square was oddly colored purple. It's now just slightly darker than the rest of the board

  • Retexturing your board changed the center square to plywood. Fixed.

  • Sometimes games would not be recorded properly, and you wouldn't get Champion points for them. Fixed.

  • At the end of each game, it tells you your points and ranking, even if you're not on the leader board

  • The "Local Champions" header is now the same color as "World Champions"

  • The scoreboard is mod- and copy-ok, so you can retexture the background and then make copies of it.

  • Players have been moved up a bit, so taller avatars won't have their feet in the floor


A couple of comments...aside from a WOOT! WOOT! for a good series of products. Only the first concerns En Garde; my apologies for the lack of a better place to ramble.

1. How can I tell if the En Garde team signup prim is working? It does not seem to give my name in the blue dialog box to the person attempting to sign up.

2. With your excellent playing cards -- apparently they can't be used within 20m of each other, as actions taken with one deck cause the others to respond as well. What's the chance of seeing a version using llWhisper, which would reduce that range to 10m? It would be nice for hosting multiple tables in one large room. (A configurable channel option would be even better, making range irrelevant, but would be more difficult to implement.

3. Again with cards - if you're looking to add games some day, try Skat, Crazy Eights, or perhaps something appealing to the historical crowd. We had a great game of Whist going in Caledon last night.

4. Is Frootcake available for sale?

Keep up the good work.

Valentine "Lace and Steel" Janus

Valentine Janus said...
November 29, 2007 at 12:08 PM  

What about 4x lunges? There are rare situations where you might want use use up 4 identical cards in a lunge, is this still allowed?

Anonymous said...
November 29, 2007 at 10:43 PM  

I'll post a status report update to answer your questions Valentine!

Rifkin Habsburg said...
November 30, 2007 at 10:26 PM  

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