New En Garde v1.16

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I've released version 1.16 of En Garde. This is mainly a bug-fix release. All owners are invited to upgrade free of charge.

You can upgrade by deleting your current game, and delivering a new updated copy to yourself, which you can then rez. To get a new copy, you can either

  • Use your En Garde Remote. Wear the Remote and say "/8 deliver game"
  • Visit my in-world store, and touch the En Garde vendor
  • Visit the Customer section of the Procyon Games website, find your En Garde license, and click the Redeliver link

This game comes with a new version of the game HUD. Your players must use the new HUD when playing on the new game (it won't let you play with an old HUD). Everyone can get a copy of the new HUD by clicking on the game and then the Get HUD button.

Release Notes:

  • Fixed a bug that allowed the HUD and main game to get out of sync, resulting in "Invalid card played" errors.
  • Fixed a bug that would not allow payment to be enabled for some Commercial licenses
  • The game no longer says "times's up" when the deck runs out at the end of a point.
  • The HUD no longer offers a player the option to Parry an Advance-Lunge, if the player doesn't have any of the appropriate cards
  • When doing a Last Second Attack, the appropriate cards are hilited in orange.
  • The game gives players a link to click in chat, to see their ranking on the Procyon website


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