Can't Stop Tournament @ Heart of Dragons

Friday, March 5, 2010

Aries Oh is continuing her Can't Stop tournament. Here's the info:


Can't Stop tournament at Heart of Dragons this Sunday. Tournament board will open for sign-ups on Friday - pay the black board L$100 to participate in the THIRD round - Sunday 1 PM SLT. [SLURL]

The tournaments is held on Sundays, 1 PM SLT, every third week.
The tournament is open for all.
This notecard contains details about how we will run the tournaments.

Each tournament will have maximum 16 players.
Entry fee is L$100, of which all goes to winner.
The sign-up board will be placed here: [SLURL]

Each tournament will have 3 initial rounds, where you play different players, according to a random draw. (Unless there are too few players, you will only play another player once.) The sum of scores from these three games will be used to rank the players.

The four best players will meet in a final game, to determine the tournament winner. Winner will receive entire prize pot and a trophy.

Season schedule:
Sundays, 1 PM SLT:
March 7th
March 28th
April 18th
May 9th
May 30th
June 27th
(Date for Season Final will be determined later.)

Season final:
The eight best players of the season will be invited to play a super final.

The finalists are selected based on all participants' scores from the 3 initial rounds in each of the 8 tournaments in the season. (I.e. final rounds will not count.) A player's score from each tournament will be summed up. If a player has played more than 4 tournaments, only the best four will count.

These 8 players will play a tournament similar to the normal tournaments - 3 initial rounds with random draw - and the 4 best will meet in a final game to determine season champion.

All games will be played at Heart of Dragons, at these tables:
MAIN VENUE - Draw and final game will be played here. [SLURL]
(Upstairs) [SLURL]
(2 corner rooms upstairs)

Please share this information with other Can't Stop players.
If you have any questions, please contact Aries Oh.

Hope to see you there!

~ Aries Oh ~



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