Congratulations to the Rally Winners

Monday, March 1, 2010

Congratulations to the En Garde Rally winners! Over ten days they searched out new locations, new partners, and won games in more places than anyone else. The winners are:

  • First Place, Capt Blinker (L$5000)
  • Second Place, Dusty Merlin (L$2000)
  • Third Place, Leonard Posthorn (L$1000)
  • Fourth Place, Sidney Fredriksson (L$1000)
  • Fifth Place, Fonsi Lecker (L$1000)

I'd like to thank all the players, who made this Rally a great success. Let's see if we can reach one million games!

I'd like everyone's comments on what they thought of the rally. Would you like to do it again? What did you like and not like about the format? Add a comment to this post, or email me or drop a notecard on me in-world. The more responses I get, the more likely I'll try something like this again.

Pictured are Fonsi Lecker, Leonard Posthorn, and Capt Blinker (not shown: Sidney Fredriksson and Dusty Merlin)


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