En Garde Rally!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

En Garde Owners! Register now for the En Garde Rally!

In celebration of 100,000 games of En Garde, Procyon Games is holding a special Rally Event! All En Garde owners are invited to participate. All you have to do is pay the registration fee (L$50) and rez your En Garde piste in a publicly-accessible location.

The registration kiosk is at the front of the Procyon Games store [SLURL]

Rally Dates: Friday Feb 19th - Monday March 1st

How it works

The Rally will be open to all En Garde players. While the Rally is on, everyone will be trying to win a game of En Garde at every registered location. The locations will be secret, initially, but every time you win you will be given a clue (teleport location) to another Rally Location. Points will be awarded for every location where a player wins a game. The top players in terms of rally points will be awarded prizes. Over L$10,000 in prizes will be awarded!

It's kind of like a shopping hunt, except instead of buying things at a bunch of stores, the players will be playing games of En Garde. Whoever can win the most games, in as many different places as possible, against different opponents, will win the Rally.

Participation Benefits

Every owner who participates will see a steady stream of new players coming to their location.

  • It's a great way to meet new En Garde players.
  • Show off your themed play area.
  • Get new players to join your team.
  • Every owner will be able to review a list of everyone who plays on their piste during the rally.

Other questions? IM Rifkin Habsburg or email me.


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