100,000 Games of En Garde

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Congratulations go to Jessie Kalinakov! At 8:02PM on February 13th, she won the 100,000th game of En Garde in Second Life.

En Garde has been in Second Life for about two and a half years. So 100,000 games in 2½ years is on average...
  • 3,348 games/month
  • 781 games/week
  • 111 games/day
  • or, one game every 12.9 minutes
When I showed up to congratulate Jessie, she didn't know who I was! Such is fame in Second Life. But once I explained her special place in En Garde history, she seems suitably impressed.

For being the lucky 100,000th winner, Jessie won 1000L$, and her choice of any Procyon Games product. She chose a copy of Take it Easy (Head-to-Head edition).

Don't forget the other half of the 100,000 Games of En Garde celebration — The En Garde Rally, which starts Friday Feb 19th. If you own a copy of En Garde, please register for the Rally! It's very simple. You don't need to coordinate with anyone, or even make a landmark. All you have to do is have your En Garde piste rezzed (and register at the kiosk).


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