Can't Stop Tournament at HoD

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Starting January 24th, there will be a Can't Stop tournament at Heart of Dragons every third Sunday.

Sign Up
Each tournament will have maximum 16 players.
Registration will start 1 week before each tournament.
Entry fee is L$100, of which all goes back to winner.
The sign-up board will be placed here: [SLURL]

The tournament will have 3 initial rounds, where you play different players, according to a random draw. (Unless there are too few players, you will only play another player once.) The sum of scores from these three games will be used to rank the players.

The four best players will meet in a final game, to determine the tournament winner. Winner will receive entire prize pot and a trophy.

Season Final
The eight best players of the season will be invited to play a super final.

The finalists are selected based on all participants' scores from the 3 initial rounds in each of the 8 tournaments in the season. (I.e. final rounds will not count.) A player's score from each tournament will be summed up. If a player has played more than 4 tournaments, only the best four will count.

These 8 players will play a tournament similar to the normal tournaments - 3 initial rounds with random draw - and the 4 best will meet in a final game to determine season champion.

The accumulated scores will be published on a webpage.

Games will be played at these locations:


Oops - a small typo.
The tournaments will be held every third Sunday:
* January 24th
* February 14th
* March 7th
* March 28th
* April 18th
* May 9th
* May 30th
* June 27th

Sorry about that!

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