Congratulations to the Golden Frootcake Finalists!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Winter Faire is over, and the Golden Frootcake qualifying round is complete. Congratualtions to the five finalists who played hour after hour of Frootcake to get their names to the top of the chart:

  • Merrily Lightfoot
  • Chellee Yue
  • Vaj Vultee
  • Gai Thor
  • Sidney Fredriksson

and the five alternates (who will compete if one of the finalists can't make it):
  • Talesain Caerndow
  • Skyy Jayaram
  • Isis Sinatra
  • Annabelle Edgeworth
  • Mairead Montgomery

The final event, where the Golden Frootcake will be awarded, will be held sometime next week (I need to coordinate a time for all the finalists to make it). I'll post again when the details are complete.



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