New Take it Easy Solo Challenge v2.14

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Someone found an exploit in the Take it Easy Solo Challenge.

For those of you not familiar with the game, Take it Easy comes in three flavors. All versions of the game have the players placing tiles on a hex game board, trying to align colors along three separate axes. The Solo Challenge version features a progressive jackpot. You get the same tiles each time you play, but every play costs you $50. The money all goes to a networked jackpot, and the person who first finds the best arrangement of tiles wins the jackpot.

Anyone can pick up a Solo version at my store for $10. Rez it on your land and let people play. If someone wins the jackpot while using your machine, you get a cut.

If you had a Solo Challenge rezzed on your land, you may notice that it has disappeared. Because of the exploit I've had to do an emergency update. Please come to my store to pick up a new, updated version (or just ask me and I'll give you one).


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