Can't Stop v1.03 Update

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I've released version 1.03 of Can't Stop. It's free to all registered owners. Here are the release notes:

  • FIXED If the current player leaves the game for any reason, the game will skip to the next player (so the game doesn't hang).
  • NEW There is a Help Card included in the box, which has some simplified rules to get new players started. You won't get the help card if you upgrade your game. If you want the new card you'll have to get a whole new box, by touching the Can't Stop vendor.
  • NEW There is a new audio and visual indicator on your HUD when it's your turn.
  • FIXED The yellow and orange playing pieces are easier to tell apart
  • NEW All scripts have been recompiled into Mono
  • FIXED The camera view when you sit down has been pulled back a bit
  • NEW There is a Get HUD button directly on the table, so you don't have to go through the Help menu to get a new HUD
  • FIXED The game would malfunction if you rotated it after rezzing.
  • NEW The game tells you your world ranking when you sit down.
Game owners can upgrade by ordering a new copy through their remote control ("/8 deliver game") or by visiting Procyon Games and touching the Can't Stop vendor there.


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