Frootcake v1.13 Update

Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's that time of year again... time for family gatherings, gifts -- and Frootcake! I've released version 1.13 of the game which fixes some bugs and adds a couple new features:

  • [Commercial License Only] The payment system has been updated to work more like the other Procyon games. You can toggle Free Play mode off and on, independently of what you have your Min Bet set to. The game will rez in Free Play mode, and will not ask you for Debit Permission until you turn off Free Play. The option to toggle free play is in the menu that pops down when you touch the game.
  • [Commercial License Only] When the game is in Free Play mode it is impossible to pay money into it.
  • The HUD does not spam new players with the release notes when they wear it
  • There is a new darker background on the HUD display to help you read the numbers there. (Players will have to get a new HUD from the game of course)
  • I've made a new Help Texture which emphasizes the HUDs and combines the 3 old screens into one. You can rez the included prim, or apply the texture to any of your own items.
  • Touching the jukebox doesn't pop down the menu any more.
  • The cakes now glow to indicate when they will stack.
  • The scoreboard has been redone to drastically reduce the number of prims (now 23 prims instead of 63)
I recommend all existing owners upgrade by getting a complete new box. You can pick up your new Frootcake by touching the vendor at Procyon Games.


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