Games Week at Orange Island

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The folks at Orange Island are hosting a week's worth of events dedicated to Gaming in Second Life. Come see me there tomorrow for my talk on En Garde and Creating Games in Second Life. Have you ever had a question about how I make my games? Now is your chance to ask!

Plus, the United En Garde group will be giving a demonstration, and there will be several strips set up for people to play and learn the game.

The fun starts 10AM Pacific on Orange Island. My talk and the En Garde demonstration takes place at 1PM.



Thank you for doing the Orange Island presentation, and for letting me share a stage with you for a few minutes. You gave a great talk. And the fencers Musique Gable assembled for the exhibition and later interactions with the crowd did us all proud.

We need to compare notes on game collections some time. You mentioned about 300 in your talk. My typist has closer to 900, although I expect that the proportion of Euros is smaller. I'm already trying to scout out where the next great Procyon release will come from.


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