Danger Zone v1.07 Release

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I've released a new version 1.07 of Danger Zone. It fixes some long-standing bugs and adds new functionality to the scoreboard, bringing the high score system in line with the other Procyon games.

The boulders now work properly in skyboxes or elevated builds. Previously they would only bounce off the ground. Now they bounce off your head!

The platforms had a serious bug that spammed people if they rezzed a patform but never stood on it. Now the platform will time out and derez if nobody stands on it in 3 minutes.

If a player was brand new, they would be given an outdated HUD. Now it only gives HUDs when asked, and they are the latest version.

The remote control has been updated to use the new (HTTP) delivery method for all items.

The payment system has been revamped. If you have a Personal License, the game will never ask you for DEBIT Permission. If you have a commercial license, it will only ask you if it's not in Free Play mode.

If multiple people tried to rez platforms all at once, all but one would silently fail. The rez system is now more robust.

The scoreboard has been redone. Danger Zone now uses the same type of high score system that Frootcake and En Garde have. All players worldwide are ranked based on their overall play. Each game owner also has their own Local ranking which tracks plays on your game for the past two weeks. The new scoreboard is included free in all Danger Zone licenses.

Danger Zone owners can upgrade by visiting my main store in Malrif and touching the Danger Zone vendor there. While you're there, check out the new Danger Mountain!


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