Names are back online

Friday, May 13, 2011

Some people may have noticed blank spaces where the names usually go on the scoreboards.

If you don't know, I have a texture-based system for name display. Everyone who plays gets their own texture. It's automatically generated on my website and uploaded to Second Life. The benefits of this are, it uses fewer prims (just one prim for a name!) and it looks a lot nicer, too.

The downside is, I have to pay for every new texture I upload. So I took the system down a couple days ago and reconfigured it. It is now a little more selective in who it generates names for. If you just play one game and never return, it won't make a name for you.

For anyone else who wants to see their name, just keep playing. It may take a day or two for your name to get through the system.

If you've been playing for a couple days and you still don't see your name on the scoreboard, send me a message and I'll look into it.


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