New Can't Stop version 1.04

Friday, February 27, 2009

I've released Can't Stop v1.04 which has several bug fixes and a few new features.

  • NEW Reset functionality
    • Only the owner of the game can Reset it
    • Hold down for a second (won't reset with just a click)
    • Stronger reset, can fix broken scripts
    • Aborts game in progress and ejects players
  • FIXED Sometimes players who had just played a game couldn't pay into the pot in the next game (Commercial Edition only)
  • NEW More robust player re-join:
    • A player can leave the game and return later
    • If the current player leaves, his turn ends
    • Missing players' turns are skipped
  • NEW Chat levels. In the Settings menu, you can change the chat volume from Normal, Whisper, and Silent
  • FIXED A bug where the pot total could carry over from one game to the next has been fixed.
  • NEW The game will now refuse to set up if you don't grant it Link Permissions
  • FIXED Some cases where the game would not reset properly have been fixed
  • FIXED The game logo now always displays when the game was idle.
This is a free update to all Can't Stop owners. You can get your updated copy of the game with your game remote (wear it and say "/8 deliver game") or by touching the Can't Stop vendor at Procyon Games.


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