En Garde v1.13 Update

Sunday, November 23, 2008

En Garde v1.13 is now available!

This version contains many fixes in many different parts of the game and support items. I recommend that you get a whole new box. Come to Procyon Games and touch the En Garde vendor there. It will give you a complete new setup. Derez your existing game and delete any En Garde items you have in your inventory, then rez your new copies.

New in this release:

  • MONO. All scripts have been recompiled in the new Mono runtime. This should not change how anything works, and I have done some testing and it all seems ok. But it is a big change "under the hood", and if you notice any new bugs please report them.
    The Mono recompilation should make everything faster, and it should eliminate the problem where the game and/or HUD would run out of memory (giving "Stack/ Heap collision error")

  • CARDS TEMPLATE. A texture is included in the box to help you make your own custom HUD display for the player cards.

  • The status display in the HUD has a darker background for easier visibility

  • To set your team name, you need to use your remote (the button has been moved off the game itself)

  • The remote control properly handles upper-case commands

  • Debit permission requests have changed. If you have a Commercial License, the game will now only ask you for Debit Permission when you take the game out of Free Play mode. You can turn Free Play on and off with a button on the game menu itself.

  • The Team Signup script now uses the team name in the dialog (it asks, "Do you want to join Rifkin's Rapiers" instead of "Do you want to join Rifkin Habsburg's team")

  • In certain rare circumstances, a round would continue even after the deck had run out of cards. This has been fixed.


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