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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Valentine Janus is having a huge, one-day event featuring all four Procyon games! If you play one of my games like En Garde and you haven't tried the others, here is a great chance for you to get some cross-game experience, meet new players, and have lots of fun. Go out there and give Val some support, if nothing else, because I think trying to run four tournaments all at once is a recipe for mental breakdown.

The event takes place Saturday, July 12, in the Zarahemla sim.

Danger Zone games will be running from 4:30AM-4:30PM.

The Frootcake tournament runs from 6:30-6:30.

Both Frootcake and Danger Zone will use the "Local Tournament" scoring, where every game gives you some points, you get more points for every player you beat, and your cumulative score is tracked on the scoreboard.

Then, there's an En Garde tournament, of course. It will run from 1PM-4PM.

And finally, Take it Easy games will be played fro 6:30-7:30PM.

There are other games being played as well, including 7Seas Fishing and Show Jumping.
Val will total up all your scores across all games in her Grand Champion system, to determine the top player for the day!


The event champions in the four Procyon Games releases were:

Danger Zone: Seth Troell
En Garde: Tiffany Dragonash
Frootcake: Michalius Oppewall
Take It Easy: Valentine Janus

Michalius was also the grand champion, with seconds in En Garde, Take It Easy, and the 7Seas fishing game to add to his Frootcake title.

As for me, I'll do it all again -- but maybe not all in one day!

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