Zingo is now Take it Easy

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I've released a major update to Zingo, renaming it to Take it Easy.

I liked the name Zingo, but so did someone else. When I first made the game, someone else made a game and called it Zyngo, and it's lead to no small amount of confusion. So I've changed the name to Take it Easy, which is the name of the original game it's based off of.

At the same time, I've completely reworked all the scripting. The new game is much more efficient, in both script time and prim counts. The interface is less confusing, and I've split the game up into different editions. The Head-to-Head Edition is a table format, allowing two players to sit across from each other as they play. The Multiplayer Edition gives each player a HUD, so you can have as many people playing as you can fit in your sim!

Plus, I've added Puzzle Mode, which gives a completely different feel to the game. Instead of one at a time, players get all the tiles at once, and try to find the best arrangement within the time limit. I've had a lot of positive response to this in playtesting.

You can try the game out at Club Zed, and purchase it at my workshop.


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